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The founder Principal of Frontier Children’s Academy Gohar Zaman started his professional career in 1963 at the prestigious institution, University public school Peshawar and served there for 28 years. He got early retirement from the University service in 1991. The FCA started on April 2, 1991, as a Secondary School with 87 boys and girls (73 boys and 14 girls) and 11 teachers. Soon the Academy attracted attention from all sides which necessitated the establishment of a separate branch for girls in 1995. Now known as Frontier Youth’s Academy. The FYA flourished and established a prominent position in the academic circles for its higher performance. Later, at the interest of some eminent persons of Swat, a branch of the FCA was opened in Sangota, Swat in 2002. Unfortunately due to prevailing uncertain security conditions the establishment had to be abandoned in 2006. In 2007, the Frontier Science Academy came into being and soon established her position as one of the best seats of learning in the province which is manifest by her securing Fifth position in F.Sc Part – II result, in its maiden attempt. This was made possible due to the scholastic leadership of Prof: Dr. Taj Ali Khan and the able guidance of Mian Abdur Rasheed, the favourite teacher of the students. As the history of our journey shows, we started with 87 (boys and girls) 11 teacher in 1991, but now by the grace of Almighty Allah the strength has risen to 2170 of boys and 2144 of girls.

That is why, we always say “WE GROW AS WE SERVE AND WE SERVE AS WE GROWN”.